Hackathon rules


1. On day 2, In hackathons you will have two options – either take a challenge, which will be from Facebook Hacker Camp, CodeEval etc., or if you have working Php website on Symfony, WordPress or Php-Fusion – you will be able to introduce and create a unique widget/plugin for your own products, which will help your website. You will have not just to show the result, but explain how this new features is helping your website, and why did you chose to create it, instead of using public plugin.

2. On day 2, You will also be able to choose either take 4 different challenges (WordPress, Php-Fusion, Front-end JS and Symfony) for maximum of 5 points in fully-completed, or to implement one big one for choosen platform for maximum up to 3 points.

3. On day 3, you will be able to choose to create HTML5 Web App for maximum of 2 points, or create Windows Phone App for Maximum of 4 points.

4. You will lose 1 point of your total day score for each 1 day late. Maximum late days is 2 days.

5. Minimum amount of points for 1 completed challenge is 0,1 points.


1. Notes for DAY 2:
a) For localhost we will use WAMP (I recommend Zend Studio Free Edition). Download FREE TRIAL from here:
And after 30 days you can just disable extra features.
b) For servers we will use LAMP (OS list: Ubuntu Linux, Amazon Linux, for Shared servers we will use Direct Admin management tool). VPS Servers will be from Duomenucentras.lt, Amazon AWS clouds and Windows Azure clouds.

2. Notes for DAY 3:
a) If you a student and have LSP/ISIC you can download Visual Studio 2013 for FREE from Microsoft DreamSpark ( https://www.dreamspark.com/ ).
Otherwise please download FREE TRIAL. Please install packages for Windows Phone App development.

3. Notes for DAY 4:
a) Please install Adobe Premiere CC 30 days Free Trial to your computer.