Only main roles listed below. We are co-founders or partners of most projects below, but everyone has a leader role on a different project.
Note: in LinkedIn we have unspoken rule – when adding to contacts, please briefly introduce yourself and tell how that connection will be valuable to you.


Kestutis Matuliauskas

GitHubLinkedIn   Event host, lead developer, videographer

Current roles: event organizer, Founder of Ž and
About: Spent last 3 years in Silicon Valley, San Francisco and Sydney building startups and working in medium-size companies
Key skills: Php, WordPress, Symfony, Windows Phones, Front-End (HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, LocalStorage, Ajax), Git/SVN, Facebook Marketing, DSLR Cameras, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects


Edmundas Jankauskas

GitHubLinkedIn   Designer and developer

Current roles: Designer at, Co-Founder & CEO of PHP-Fusion Lietuva
About: Working with designs, WordPress CMS and PHP-Fusion CMS
Key skills: Graphic Designer, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, PHP-Fusion, WordPress, Git


Petras Slekys

LinkedIn   Web Developer

Current role: Official representative of Mozilla Lietuva
About: Front-end developer and Technology evangelist
Key skills: Mozilla, Front-end, Design, UI/UX, CMS


Vytautas Valaitis

LinkedIn   Lector, Represents Vilnius University

Key Project: Together with a team launched first Lithuanian satellite “LituanicaSAT-1” to space via NASA


Audrius Jankauskas

GitHubLinkedIn   Lead Developer

Current role: Co-Founder of ImpressPages
About: Guru of Front-end & PHP CMSs
Key skills: UI/UX, Php, ImpressPages, Magento, WordPress, Front-End technologies (HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, responsiveness), Git/SVN


Arny Zins

LinkedIn   Great speaker, business developer

Current role: Business developer and Co-Founder at Founder of Trustribe
About: Visited Silicon Valley, attended list of startup events, had list of great pitches. Intelligent business founder and developer with strong Internet marketing knowledge
Key skills: sales and marketing, team management, project management, marketing, new ventures, Pitch professional


Laurynas Lukosevicius

LinkedIn   Cinematographer/DOP

Current role: Founder/Cinematographer at Cinema studio “Bulbfield”
About: Experienced camera-man
Key skills: DSRL Cameras, Adobe Premiere, Film making, short films production, promo/commercial video making


Laura Gylyte

LinkedIn   Producer, photographer

Current role: Producer of Movie “Road A6
About: Experienced movie producer
Key skills: DSRL Cameras, Film making, short films production, Social Media Marketing


Lukas Sirvydas

GitHubLinkedIn   Photographer, Developer

Current role: Founder of Cadre.LT
About: Experienced camera-man
Key skills: DSRL Cameras, Adobe Photoshop, WordPress, Php-Fusion, Front-End technologies (HTML5, CSS3)


Tautvydas Dagys

LinkedIn   Microsoft Developer Evangelist

Current role: Official Windows Phone developer at “Microsoft Lietuva
Key skills: C#, Windows Phone, HTML5


Alius Petraska

LinkedIn   Mobile Developer

Current role: Senior Mobile Developer at “Adform
Key skills: C#, Windows Phone, HTML5


Mantvydas Vaiciunas

LinkedIn   Mobile Developer

Current role: Market Research Analyst at “Nextury Ventures
Key skills: C#, Windows Phone, HTML5

PRs, HRs, Presenters, Photographers

People, promoting this event accross the world, as well as helping us with all required resources


Ramune Mickeviciute

LinkedIn   Lead of Public Relations (PR) in San Francisco

Current role: Lead PR and official representative of in the US (San Francisco & Silicon Valley)
About: Worked in “LOGIN 2014” and “Silicon Valley comes to The Baltics 2013“. After finishing internship at UNICEF, moved to San Francisco and became official Lead PR to represent this event in San Francisco Bay Area
Key skills: PR (Public Relations), Sales, Press Releases, Social Media Strategist, Social Media Marketing, Google Analytics, SEO, Blogging, SEO copywriting


Neringa Matuliauskaite

LinkedIn   Event Human Resource (HR), Host

Current role: HR and representative of
Key skills: Statistics, Mathematics, Google Analytics, HR


Austeja Birbilaite

LinkedIn   Event Human Resource (HR), Host

Current role: Moderator at, HR of
Key skills: Statistics, Mathematics, Google Analytics, HR


Dziugas Kuliesius

LinkedIn   Speaker, event presenter, host

Current role: Freelancer event host, journalist
About: Events host and presenter, recently worked as communication manager at Laisvoji Banga radio station
Key skills: Great speaker, creative writer, event host, curiosity, insight, quick reaction, problem solving


Robertinas Valiulis

LinkedIn   Event photographer

Current role: Freelancer photographer at Fotografija RORO
About: Professional photographer
Key skills: Event photography, company’s employee photographer, wedding photographer, christening photographer